30 September 2011

Sports, Simplification, and other Non-baby Diversions

Red Sox End their Season, Now it's time for Bruins 
Being from the Boston area, I am fairly certain that it's in my rental agreement that if I regularly talk, breathe, or write, that at some point or another, I am required to bring sports into the picture. While I'm not a huge sports fan, I will admit that the team spirit that the city has is infectious (though fairweather fans are still incredibly annoying). It's kind of funny how everyone is pitching fits over this like there wasn't a huge dry spell of championships pre-2004.

So, the Red Sox epically blew it this month and their season is over. My husband, being the Red Sox fan in the house, mentioned that the odds of them doing so terribly were highly unlikely or, as he said "...or 1 in 1 as it turns out."

We are looking forward to being able to take our son to see the Red Sox possibly next season, as this year he was too young to really want to sit still. We'll see how his demeanor is next year and go from there.

But now, with baseball season officially over for our house, it's now time for HOCKEY. My husband is the big baseball fan. I will watch it and I enjoy it well enough (though I really enjoy seeing our son spontaneously clap for the Red Sox and insist on wearing his baseball cap around the house more than anything!), but if I'm into any sport, hockey is it. And with the Bruins as our hometeam, I'm all the more thrilled to be going into hockey season. We used to live in Los Angeles, but I was never much of a Kings fan. I prefer the Ducks. We did go to a Kings/Ducks game one year and my husband was worried we would get jumped in the parking lot of the Staples Center because I spent the game rooting for the Ducks. Loudly. And they won. And my husband was entertained because he's never seen me get so hyped up about sports.

As far as football (American), we're not big football fans around here. We usually watch the Superbowl, and anything outside of that is mostly if there's nothing better on and we want background noise. But, I spent 7 years watching live high school and football games because of marching band, so I've more than had my fill of the sport!

Simplifying my life
I've decided that I want to try to simplify a lot of things in my life that are distractions or redundant.

I started with Facebook. I went through a first round of purging of friends that I don't know very well or don't even interact with on the site and eliminated some of the groups I was in. I will undoubtedly be going back for another round of purging in the coming days when I have a chance to really look at the obscenely long list of friends on my list. I have also been removing games/applications that I don't play. I have vowed not to add any new games.

I've also started looking at things like the cleaning supplies in my house. We have several different types of cleaners that do slightly different things. Turns out that most of these tasks can also be done just as effectively, and more cheaply, by obtaining a few simple household supplies like washing soda, vinegar, and bleach. I now have two spray bottles of solution that I use; one is half & half vinegar/water to use for things like mirrors and on the shower curtain (apparently vinegar is good for eating up soap scum), and the other is half & half bleach/water. My floor cleaner will be a bucket of water with a bit of bleach or vinegar added as needed.

We're in the process of simplifying our debts as well. Currently our debts, with the exception of our student loans, are now consolidated onto one credit card currently at 0% interest. We have a plan in place that should get us paid off by this time next year.

I'm still looking for ideas of other ways to simplify, so I plan on doing some reading. This link on 30 Articles That Will Help You Simplify Your Life looks promising.

Other Time Sinks
After my son goes to bed, I've taken to spending way to much time on Pinterest, and have started playing Civilization IV again. I was on a big FrontierVille kick on Facebook, but I'm tired of all the new quests and buildings that are nothing more than "beg all your friends to send you stuff." As far as Civ IV, Genghis Khan really frustrates me. Coming and beating me up and taking my cities. I love building the cities, but I still so suck at building the necessary defenses or offenses to conquer and defend...

Maybe I should just go back to SimCity, where there are no wars....

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