08 February 2012

A Crazy Life

To say that the last few months have been insane would be an understatment.

In November, my boss got promoted, and asked me to come over to the new office to continue as his administrator. After much deliberation, I ultimately decided to make the move. My boss guaranteed no change in my hours; an important factor given the fact that my husband works nights and needs me home in time to switch off with our son. It also came with a pay increase and a change from hourly to salary (which means I also managed to get an extra week of vacation per year and accumulate sick hours faster now to boot).

The holidays were obviously hectic, between getting settled in a new job and getting ready for the holidays. I spent Saturday evenings and naptimes on Sundays crafting like mad in an effort to get my mother-in-law's calendar completed on time. It was done in time for the gathering, and she loved it - yay! I noticed a few flaws in my attempt to replicate the instructions I found on a craft blog (the biggest being that for some reason my paper punch that claims to make 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" squares makes 1" x 1" squares....what the hell?)

I tested out making bath bombs as well, but didn't get around to making them as gifts this year. However, this gives me time to practice making them (the scent in batch #1 wasn't as strong as I'd like).

I also did some work on my son's quiet book, though right now that it still maybe 1/3 done, with several of the pages in various phases of completion. Hoping to do some work on that this weekend, now that I've decided that I'll stitch the velcro on by hand. The biggest problem with the quiet book is that I have very little working space right now, so I have to spend about 5-10 minutes setting up my area when I start, and another 5-10 packing it all back up so everything is out of my son's reach. Hoping to get a craft cart and a shelf to put on the wall above my working table soon.

My son is now walking, and climbing enough things to make me nervous about leaving him out of sight for longer than 5 seconds. We need to get him a twin bed for his room soon; as I'm hoping to start having him do naps in there. And, he's mostly out of the highchair and using a booster seat at the table. The highchair remains on hand for Saturdays when we eat in the livingroom, and for messy projects like painting.

When did my baby turn into a toddler???

Now that things have quelled down a bit at work, hoping to post more again. Last night, due to seeing some posts going around Facebook about spanking research that shows that it may lower IQ, I was actually reflecting on my upbringing (we were spanked, and sometimes got our hands snapped in a belt), and why, although I would say that "I turned out OK" and why, although I consider myself a decent human being who ultimately doesn't feel she was harmed by being spanked, I have no intentions to ever spank or use forms of "corporeal punishment" on my child(ren). To be continued...

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