20 July 2012

Craft Projects and DIY Cleaner

The past few weeks have gone by too fast. It feels like it was just last week that I wrote an entry. Apparently it's been over two weeks!

In the past few weeks we've done some crafty things, made some not-so-crafty (and crafty) purchases, and I tried a new homemade cleaning trick last night. And, because I'm a geek, I'm going to continue to make my posts with subject headers.

Crafty Purchases
In preparation for some of the things that I've found and want to try, for both arts activities and for cleaning, I bought some pipettes, some squeeze bottles, and some spray bottles. I also got a craft/art tray that came with paper, which I'm hoping will be good for some more messy/sensory play.

Other Purchases
I got some "busy bag" activities for sometimes play for the Peanut. He got:
Lauri Toys Toddler Tote
Lauri Toys Primer Pack
Train Colorforms

The Train Colorforms and the Toddler Tote are big hits right now. I haven't given him the Primer Pack to play with yet, because I'm stockpiling it for a rainy day.

We've done the Baking Soda/food coloring/vinegar activity a few times now. It's been a big hit, and stupidly cheap. The first time, I didn't have the pipettes, and only had a medicine dropper, so instead of coloring the vinegar, I dropped some food coloring directly onto the baking soda. The second time, I colored the vinegar as we had the pipettes, and that was a far more interesting result.

Another hit was paint in a ziploc bag. This bag lasted for close to a week, with almost daily entertainment value (for me as well as the kiddo, it was a bit like a stress ball!) It probably would have lasted longer with some tempura paint or something commercially made. I used homemade paint (flour, water, salt, and food coloring), so it began to separate - a process that I think was faster because of the heat and humidity we had last week.

Green Cleaning
Last night I tried a new tub cleaner. 1 part vinegar, heated ~90 seconds, mixed with 1 part Dawn (or other similar soap), poured into a spray bottle and mixed. Spray in tub/shower, let set for 1-2 hours, wipe clean and rinse. I also sprayed it on the shower walls.
Results: The mixture DID clean my tub, but I prefer the Martha Stewart tub scrub. It smells better, and I feel like overall, it was less work to clean off. It is, however, easier to apply to the walls, as the tub scrub is more of a paste. I might use this again, but only infrequently and probably just on the shower walls.

Tomorrow morning, we have a playdate. I hope that the Saturday morning time winds up working well for some of the other moms in the meetup group I'm in, because it's the easiest/best time for me to do playdates, since my husband is working, and the Peanut is a morning person who wants to put his shoes on and get out the door as early as 7am some days.

My son's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. I cannot believe I have an almost 2 year old. We have done the shopping for presents, I just have to find a time to wrap them when curious little eyes aren't awake and alert! Right now, he ADORES Elly from Pocoyo, so he's getting a stuffed Elly. Along with that, he's getting a few little things, a set of colorforms that's a "design a face" sort, and probably a Zoo Talker for his zoo (haven't managed to check Target for one yet).

We'll probably be reusing the banner from last year, since it took me so darned long to make...hopefully I can do a better job hanging it this time. And probably some cupcakes designed like fish.

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